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56ο Γυμνάσιο Αμπελοκήπων Αθήνας :) Ώρα για Σχολείο!!! 56th Junior High School of Athens :) Time 2 go 2 School!!! 56ο Γυμνάσιο Αμπελοκήπων Αθήνας :) Ώρα για Σχολείο!!!

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2019-2022: Λογοτεχνία και Νέες Τεχνολογίες. Erasmus+ Programme,

project: Read, Realize, React


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Project Title: Read, Realize, React


Project Start Date (dd-mm-yyyy): 01-10-2019

Project Total Duration: 24 months

Project End Date (dd-mm-yyyy): 30-09-2021


Cross Curricular, Drama, Foreign Languages, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Media Education

About the project:

Our schools (Agrupamento de Escolas Trigal de Santa Maria - Portugal / Sehit Özcan Kan Fen Lisesi - Turkey / Spoleczne Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace - Poland / 56th Junior High School Of Athens - Greece / Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Da Vinci - De Giorgio" - Italy / IES Martín de Aldehuela - Spain) have identified a need to improve the quality of education in reading, imagination and creativity skills and competencies.

We decided to use book trailers in order to stimulate the students to read. 

The project‘s aim is to combine basic skills with reading, creating innovative learning environments essential for participatory teaching and use of ICT. 

Creating a book trailer involves the use of media in didactics, has a strong educational value and uses the methodologies of learning by doing and learning among peers.


The objectives of the project are to improve the quality of education:

- Strengthen teachers' skills and provide them with a tool that encourages students to read and to learn to create something new, that is the book trailer;

- Fostering the provision and the assessment of key-competences.The methodology used is designed to engage students using languages familiar to and interesting to them, and keeping with encouraging them to read books, novels or also the same school books. The results of the activities:

- Creating better language acquisition environment;

- Develop literacy through the realization of book trailers;

- Take-up of innovative practices in education, by supporting collaborative learning and critical thinking;


There will be specific pages for each country where they will display information about their own country and school and the activities that they will develop at a local level. We also have pages where will be displayed all the information of the Learning Training and Teaching Activities (the agenda of the week and all the activities, achievements, results and final products of each LTT).There will also have pages for the Training Courses that will occur. Finally we will display all the lesson plans that will be used during the project. In a first Skype meeting that will have to discuss this subject we will decide which parts of the project can be put in a public TwinSpace because of the new Data Protection Rules of the European Union.We also use the eTwinning for the preparation, implementation, and dissemination of the project and in the subsequent processes.What is especially valuable is the usage of eTwinning platform for communication between partners.


We truly believe that after finishing the project we will not leave what we have started. Some of us have already made an initiative with "I Read and I Realize" campaign and we will continue with this in the future and maybe we can develop it to the bigger transnational initiative on the reading topic. We are also thinking to become active readers and to participate in the festivals of video creating etc.The created book trailers could be used during the English or even native language lessons to promote reading habits among the students.A new methodology will be created while having a project and the teachers will be encouraged to use these new ideas in the education process.We will continue our cooperation after the project is over and will share the book trailers that we will create during the lessons.

Meetings and Outcmes:




Lapbooks2019-20Book choices(2019-2020)Greek authors - Οpen literature, Carnival customs

....Covid ...



  • 3rd: Poland: 

Books: Alfred and Agatha (presentation, text), Five feet apart  (presentation, text, video), Klouz and the dirty tricks in football (presentation, text), The search (video)

Presentation dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis, songs...

The Odyssey (presentation, text)


4th: Greece:

5th: Italy:

6th: Spain:

Others: 3R-4label (From the net: From the dawn of history, Intoducing Books, 3R wings

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