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56ο Γυμνάσιο Αμπελοκήπων Αθήνας :) Ώρα για Σχολείο!!! 56th Junior High School of Athens :) Time 2 go 2 School!!! 56ο Γυμνάσιο Αμπελοκήπων Αθήνας :) Ώρα για Σχολείο!!!

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Αμπελόκηποι Αθήνας


2023:  Erasmus+ Programme

Job Shadowing activity related to the Erasmus+ KA122 project 

"How do you teach CLIL? A survey of the best practices around Europe" 


In this Job Shadowing mobility Italian teachers came to our school to exchange ideas and educational approaches aimed at improving learning ans see how we apply we apply them.

Their project aim to achieve the following:

  • the improvement of the linguistic and methodological skills (CLIL) of the teachers and consequently of the students,
  • the widespread diffusion of the CLIL practice within their Institute,
  • the realization of CLIL teaching activities in different disciplines,
  • the improvement of teachers' digital skills (and indirectly also of pupils),
  • the promotion of teaching confrontation on topics related to subjects and methodologies,
  • the improvement of inclusiveness practices;
  • the strengthening of cooperation between colleagues from different countries and the consequent consolidation of the European dimension of education,
  • the improvement of assessment practices relating to language and content learning,
  • the review of their school curriculum (first cycle and second cycle) with the inclusion of CLIL programs.

During the mobility at our school we welcomed the teachers:

  • Ms Ferrante Silvana,
  • Ms Giuliani Rosa Angela,
  • Mr Quieti Sabatino and
  • Mr Staffolani Angelo Piero

of the ISTITUTO OMNICOMPRENSIVO DI ALANNO school in Italy, in the framework of the program: "How do I teach with CLIL method?" in the week of 23/01/2023-27/01/2023.

On behalf of our school, the teachers collaborated:

  • Ms Ananiadou Anastasia,
  • Ms Betzelou Ekaterini,
  • Ms Karegla Paraskevi,
  • Ms Vgonja Elena,
  • Mr Karampinis Anastassios and
  • Mr Koukos Leonidas.

The activities were implemented in the context of the following lessons:

  • Computer Science, Information technology,
  • English,
  • Music,
  • Physical education,
  • Religious Education,
  • Skills Workshops.

At the same time, activities related to:

1. visual impairment,

2. hearing impairment,

3. learning disabilities and

4. actions with wheelchairs for athletes with disabilities, by the teachers: Karegla Paraskevi and Koukos Leonidas with the aim of raising awareness among our students on the above issues.

The teachers of the Italian school visited and talked with the Principal of the co-located 18th Primary School, Mr. Elranti Nikolaos.

Finally, they attended activities and were informed about the operation of the Kindergarten by the Kindergarten teacher Ms. Sasa Karagiannidou.


1st day event, file "Disabilities"and Summary of our actions (text, video).

- 56th Junior High School, from Read, Realize, React [dissemination]: Portugal, Poland, Italy, Students interviews (John (EN), Stratos (EN-EL), Victoria (EN), Klaoudia (EN-EL)).

The Istituto Omnicomprensivo di Alanno, The Italian school system


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